Managed Assets


At Gescobro we have extensive knowledge in the recovery of small & medium sized enterprises. The managers of this department specialize in this type of debt and are immersed in a process of continuous improvement, which allows us to enrich our Know How in the segment and therefore to continue reaching new levels of efficiency. Also, we provide AML and KYC screening services. Our unique expertise, our top notch platform, our data analytics tools and our efficient management structure enable us to differentiate ourselves in the way we work with this type of debt.


In our teams we also have specialized managers in dealing with individuals. This type of recovery requires a different set of skills and that is why we have fully specialized teams in the practices required for this segment. As in the recovery from SMEs, Individuals managers also continue to train while carrying out their work. This is essential for our knowledge and skills as a company to continue to develop and adapt to changing times.


We also offer best in class Servicing Capabilities including an integrated platform between legal, amicable and REO teams, end to end individual management of foreclosure and insolvency processes, a team with deep experience on negotiating with debtors, a wide commercialization structure and our own RE broker network.

Amicable collection management

We manage the complete recovery cycle and provide added value to our clients:

Customer oriented:

  • We maintain and strengthen the prestige and image of our clients.
  • Service level agreements (SLA) with our clients.


  • Comprehensive management and specialization in all phases of recovery, including Televiso.
  • We know the best strategies and practices for each default situation.
  • We promote investment in R + D + I and in new technologies.

Location & Backoffice:

  • Own expert managers with extensive experience in trading.
  • Managers specialized in each type of client.

Legal debt collection

At Gescobro we work in all phases of the recovery process, including the contentious management part.

That is why we have:

  • Specialized In-House Attorneys focused on achieving optimal results in legal procedures.
  • Experience and know how in bankruptcy management acquired through the years and also by continuously promoting the self-development of our professionals.

Debt purchasing

Gescobro is one of the most active investors in the market for purchasing NPLs portfolios in Spain. We have unique capabilities and a medium-term strategy that have allowed us to become the most active investor in the sector:

  • Unparallel track record in acquiring both unsecured and secured granular portfolios.
  • More than 40 years’ experience in managing portfolios of unsecured and secured NPLs in Spain.
  • Data-driven: We count with top tier analytical capabilities and databases that allow us to perform accurate valuations of portfolios and optimized management strategies.
  • Multi-product: Gescobro buys and manages portfolios of secured and unsecured NPLs, both individuals and corporates.
  • Flexibility to adapt to the needs of clients / portfolio sellers and proactivity in offering customized solutions.


Gescobro is one of the most important agents in the purchase of portfolios, this has provided us with a deep knowledge of the sector and has allowed us to form a human team with extensive experience in portfolios, from the acquisition to the complete recovery cycle.

  • Capacity for early acquisition of portfolios for sale.
  • Knowledge of different products, extensive business relationships.
  • Experience in Due Diligence and portfolio valuation with the support of Cerberus Capital management, L.P.
  • Experience in Master Services and ability to design SLAs
  • Specialized and dedicated portfolio management with expert judicial teams.
  • Location systems segmentation capacity.
  • Reporting